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Actor Sudhakar in Coma

Comedian, Actor Sudhakar, who was admitted to a private hospital for treatment for neurological and kidneys ailments on Friday, slipped into coma on Sunday, doctors at the hospital said. The condition of Sudhakar, who has high blood pressure and diabetes, is critical, doctors added.

Sudhakar has acted in more than 600 films in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. Sudhakar has also produced many films in Telugu, including the super hit film Yamudiki Mogudu.

Sudhakar was entered film industry as a hero.Then become a comedian.He is very popular comedian in80's and90's by his dialogue pronunciation. He was room mate of Chiranjeevi in film institute. Sudhakar was a successful hero in Tamil pictures. Radhika and Sudhakar were hit pair on those days. In nearly 18 pictures they acted as hero and heroine. He nearly acted in 50 films Tamil films Srushti Rahasyalu was first film in Telugu after that Oorikichina Maata. He was born in Markapuram, Prakasam district.

Sudhakar has won the Nandi Awards twice for Subhakankshalu and Snehitulu. The PR chief, Mr K. Chiranjeevi, Sudhakar’s friend, visited the hospital.