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SS Rajamouli Revealed the Story Of Maryada Ramanna

SS Rajamouli Revealed the Story Of Maryada Ramanna: While Speaking In A Press-Meet held for Promotion of Maryada Ramanna SS Rajamouli revealed the story point of his upcoming romantic comedy entertainer Maryada Ramanna. SS Rajamouli said, “Rayalaseema is known for factionism and violence. But is also known for hospitality. Maryada Ramanna is about a man who is torn with his two extremities of factionism and hospitality. I am going to narrate the story point here.

Hero’s father and villain’s brother kill each other (in flashback). Villain is in village looking out for hero to return so that he could kill him. Hero is unaware about the flashback and whales away his time in town. One day, hero comes to village and stay in villain’s home. Villain initially doesn’t know that he is the same guy he was looking for. Villain is great at hospitality. He decides that he would honor hero as long as he stays in his house and hunt him down as soon as he steps out. The rest of the story is about what happens when hero comes to know about it (interval bang).